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About Us

Why are Mother-Daughter Relationships So Important?

A mother-daughter bond is the strongest connection between two people when it comes to other types of intergenerational family relationships throughout all changes of life. According to science, mother’s brains function in a unique way adapt to their children by growing some cells and shrinking others, therefore, helps them to understand their children’s needs. This may suggest that due to specific brain chemistry and gene patterns, mothers and daughters are more likely to relate and understand the emotions of each other more than anyone else.


Mission: FertilizHER Soul’s mission is to nurture and empower mothers and female caregivers to cultivate positive relationships and strengthen mother-daughter bonds for future generations. 

Vision: Every mother-daughter and female caregiver globally will gain the tools, skills, and resources needed to help develop and improve her self-esteem, self-worth, self-care, financial literacy, health and wellness, leadership skills, and mental health. 

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