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Dr. Sherron M. Sanders


Founder & CEO FertilizHER Soul Corporation

Sherron’s professional life is centered around 30 years of education and counseling PreK-12th , outreach, and educational coordinator, college and career specialist and mentoring primary, secondary and higher education students, especially female support groups between women, adolescent girls, and young adult women. Sherron plans, organizes, implements, stimulates, and coordinates small and large group sessions, interactions, and discussion conferences, events, seminars, lectures, trainings, and workshops. Most subjects focused on family bonding, self-identity, mentorship, leadership, mental health, drug and alcohol awareness, human trafficking, adolescent behaviors, financial literacy, health and wellness, experiential learning activities, life coaching and decision-making skills. Additionally, promoting safe and healthy environments for adults and children by increasing community-based resources such as counseling services, self-care and recreational experiences and building positive relationships between families, faith-based communities, non-profit organizations, city and state officials and juvenile justice systems.


Sherron’s goal is to cultivate, strengthen and inspire mothers, female caregivers, and daughters globally to better navigate challenges and use their voice to aspire future mother-daughter generations to come.  

Sherron loves spending quality time with God, husband Rodney, daughter Endia, and GrandSonshine AJ!

Endia Hedgepeth-Rachal

Vice President


Rodney Sanders

Chief Financial Officer

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melovee williamson.jpg

Endia Simms

Dr. Melovee Williamson

Executive Secretary

Board Member Director

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